ADEC Innovations has multiple software solutions to improve your performance. ADEC Innovations fully integrates software with industry expertise and world-class experience in back office data to give you comprehensive solutions to meet your unique needs. Our experts provide the guidance and support you need to improve your performance in a world increasingly focused on sustainability.

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Envirosite is a data solutions company that develops breakthrough technology that enables stakeholders to put environmental data into action. Our solutions are used through the industry for environmental risk management, site assessments, due diligence and research on commercial properties and companies. By uniting years of industry experience with innovative technical expertise, our responsive, cost-effective solutions provide stakeholders with the ability to harness multiple sources of environmental data quickly so they can explore it at scale to uncover business-critical insights.

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For organisation grappling with data dispersed across facilities, locations and teams throughout the company, identifying, aggregating and standardising the information can be complex and time consuming. 

MetricsTrac, and ADEC Innovation, helps you monitor, manage, and reduce your resource use and costs.

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CleanChain is an application designed to increase long-term profitability throughout supply chains by demonstrating and improving sustainable business practises and processes. It automates the complex tasks of tracking, managing, and reporting compliance with Manufacturing Restricted Substance Lists (MRSLs) and Restricted Substances Lists (RSLs).

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Documents and records are a key part of the efficient management of any organisation, yet the work needed to maintain them is not always regarded as a core activity. We specialise in providing a vast range of document outsourcing services, including medical records scanning for the healthcare industry, seeking new ways to achieve high performance by reducing costs.