Organisations are increasingly integrating ESG into their business strategy to ensure that environmental, social and governance strategies are intertwined with their everyday business operations, products, and services. 

Materiality Assessment

Identifying what is material to your organisation, stakeholders and investors when beginning or expanding your ESG strategy. A Materiality Assessment is the process of identifying, refining, and assessing the potential environmental, social, and governance issues which could affect your organisation and prioritising these topics to inform company strategy, targets, and reporting. 

ADEC Innovations Australia assists organisations in developing their materiality assessments to comprehensively identify which ESG topics are most relevant. Through stakeholder mapping, framework analysis, materiality boundary identification and project management, ADEC will work with your organisation to produce a detailed materiality analysis matrix, project plan, topics list, stakeholder weighting and sustainability indices analysis that can inform your ESG corporate strategy. 

Scenario Analysis

A scenario analysis is the process of examining and evaluating possible events that could take place in the future that could affect your organisation as a result of climate change. Conducting a scenario analysis helps organisations better understand how they might perform under different future states such as a 2-degree and 4-degree world. It is a useful tool when preparing for future climate risks giving your organisation the time and knowledge to mitigate and adapt potential climate-related impacts. 

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Project Management

 ADEC Innovations has extensive experience working with organisations to design, develop and implement projects globally. From Public-Private     

 Partnerships to implementing carbon neutral targets ADEC will work with you to achieve your desired outcome.