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Data Management

Having a properly designed data management system is crucial for any company. Without one, interpreting and translating financial and other types of data into actionable insights may turn out to be difficult.

But with our back office support solutions and our document outsourcing services, we can help maximise the utility of your data and empower you to focus on your core business priorities and competencies. Our solutions can help your organisation enhance its services, improve customer satisfaction, meet business objectives and reduce costs.

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ESG Solutions

Sustainability is fast becoming a top factor in many organisation’s corporate agenda, as it offers numerous benefits. Our ESG Solutions are designed to aid organisations in mitigating risk, as well as help governments in evaluating their energy regulatory programs.  Whether working with city governments or private companies, we help clients implement better strategies to decrease their carbon footprint and improve their bottom line.

Comprised of the most experienced and knowledgeable consultants in the industry, our team here at ADEC Innovations will be your partner in making effective and sustainable decisions for your business.

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Environmental Data Services

Through real-time searching, mapping and delivery of content, ADEC Innovations Australia are able to generate business-critical information on a particular land site. Numerous organisations of different industries rely on our environmental data services and solutions to provide them the necessary environmental data for due diligence and environmental risk management.

We make use of multiple types of data to provide your organisation a better understanding of property value, history and risk. By consolidating and organising huge amounts of environmental data, we can help you make smarter investments.

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Knowledge Management

ADEC Innovations’ Knowledge Management Division continuously develops educational technologies that take our clients’ learning and development to the next level.  Our wide range of technology offering includes our own Learning Management System, various data management platforms and innovative learning applications.

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Health Solutions

ADEC Innovations delivers Health Information Management solutions that can improve the delivery of healthcare on a larger scale. Our outsourcing portfolio ranges from data management, medical coding to advanced analytics, as well as other knowledge process outsourcing solutions for the healthcare industry.